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Use Case: Scheduled Welcome Emails

IfConverting 2:00AMnew signups to customers is thea besthard timeprocess. A usual and very effective method is sending friendly emails to runcustomers. To remind them that they have an account, and encourage them to get involved. Sending emails after 1-day, and then 3-day after signup for each new signup is near impossible without a heavy-process task, you can make A Trigger task to call your job URL everynight. tool.

Solution Using A Trigger

Using A Trigger, time is not a problem at all. forget everything about time and just write yourjust heavy-processa line of code andto makesend it accessibleemail on a custom URL.

For example:[email protected]&step=1

task function on your url

SEND EMAIL TO [email protected]

SimplestAt waythe ispage of signup, just add 3 lines of code to login to your A Trigger panel and create a3 tasktasks usingfor the GUI. Also it's possible using API.user.


tag("type") = "process""welcomeEmail"

ATrigger.doCreate("1day", "","[email protected]&step=1", tags, -1,1);
ATrigger.doCreate("3day", "2013-08-26T02:00:00Z");"[email protected]&step=2", tags, 1);
ATrigger.doCreate("7day", "[email protected]&step=3", tags, 1);


Your dayemail sender URL will be called 3 times, 3 different days exactly at the time of signup for infiniteeach times!user. The best time we are sure user is behind his monitor, is the time when he has signed up!