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REST API v1.0 - Create a new task

Here we want to describe how you can make your first task using API.

    key=APIKEY                     //required
    &secret=APISECRET              //required
    &timeSlice=1month              //required
    &count=12                      //required
    &          //required

All About Parameters

Some queries are required to create a task. More optional parameters are available for advanced usages.

Keep in mind you should pass all parameter values URL Encoded.

  1. Required key: Your API Key
  2. Required secret: Your API Secret
  3. Required timeSlice: When should be called? read more at timeSlice possible values.
  4. Required count: How many cycles should be repeated?
  5. Required url: The target url that A Trigger will call it at defined TimeSlice. MUST BE URL ENCRYPTED
  6. [Optional] retries: How many times should try if your server failed(or it was down)? default value: 3
  7. [Optional] first: When should be the first call? You are not required to set time value by default. read more at first parameter information.