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REST API v1.0 - Function: Delete, Pause, Resume

In this version, there are 4 functions:

  • Create
  • Delete: Delete task(s) and all their information.
  • Pause: Pause task(s) and cancel future calls.
  • Resume: Resume paused task(s) to the normal cycles.

Here we want to explain last 3 functions, because you can call them in a similar way.


All this three functions only accept tags_* as a query(API Key/Secret is required, Of course). You can add multiple tags, or at least you need to enter 1 tag to make it clear what you want to Delete, Pause or Resume.

Adding more tags is equal to AND operator. So If you define two or more tags on a query, It will only do action on which tasks that they have all this tags together.

Example: [api]/v1/tasks/delete?key=APIKEY&secret=APISECRET&tag_type=test This will delete all our test tasks which onestagged type=test

Example: [api]/v1/tasks/delete?key=APIKEY&secret=APISECRET&tag_type=test&tag_a=b This will delete all our test tasks which ones have this two tags type=test AND a=b

    key=APIKEY             //required
    &secret=APISECRET      //required
    &tag_key1=value2       //required
    &tag_key2=value2       //optional
    &tag_*=*               //optional

Sample Output / Result: { "type": "OK", "message": "18 tasks deleted." }

Example Request: