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Launch Checklist

Here we've listed the necessary steps to start using ATrigger to call your scheduled tasks in 10 minute.

Step 1: Create an account

You need an account to get API authentication credentials and a verification file. In this step after filling this form, you will be forwarded to your private setup page. All details are available immediately.

You need to have/save this 3 items for the next steps:

  1. API Key
  2. API Secret
  3. Domain Verification File

Register a new account:
Or if you have signed up before, you need to just login:

All this details will always remain in your account and they will be accessible anytime in your setup page.

Step 2: Verify your domain

A Trigger needs to make sure each user can make requests for only their own websites. This is a security ability to avoid possible unwanted requests on other websites. Now you can make sure you are the only one who can call your tasks using A Trigger. It's a simple procedure:
  1. Download your personal* verification text file at: (you have this file from the Step 1)
  2. Upload it to the root of your task domain.

Domain Verification File is not a private data and the contents are not useful for anyone.

Step 3: Start using A Trigger

In the two previous steps you have successfully activated your A Trigger API.
  • Your have your API Key and Secret.
  • The verification file is uploaded and you are a trusted user to make scheduled tasks for your website.