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How to Upload Domain Verification File

"A Trigger needs to make sure each user can make requests for only their own websites. This is a security ability to avoid possible unwanted requests on other websites. Now you can make sure you are the only one who can call your tasks using A Trigger."

Step 1: Get your personal Domain Verification File

Each account in A Trigger has a unique Domain Verification File.
  1. Login to your panel:
  2. Go to your account Setup:
  3. Click on "Download" Domain Verification File.

Now you have "ATriggerVerify.txt". Please do not edit this file(the first line is the most important code).

You can download it directly by clicking on this shortcut:
This file is not contains any private information. It's just a unique file for each account.

Step 2: Uploading the Domain Verification File

This is an important section that needs your attention:
You should upload your "ATriggerVerify.txt" at the root of your task domain/subdomain.

Where should be uploaded?

The path of your URL is not important. A Trigger API will try to find the verification file when you want to create a scheduled task at the root of your URL.

Examples: ( = Your Website Domain)

It must be accessible with the direct URL.