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REST API v1.0 - Parameter: timeSlice

REST API is the kernel of all our libraries. If you are using a library, you don't need to add url queries like this examples, values are enough.

timeSlice accepts smart values. We believe it's powerful and yet simple to help you make tasks on custom cycles.

Legal Values

* must be a positive integer.

  • *minute : Example: &timeSlice=180minute , &timeSlice=5minute
  • *hour : Example: &timeSlice=1hour
  • *day : Example: &timeSlice=6day
  • *month : Example: &timeSlice=3month
  • *year : Example: &timeSlice=1year


1month from which time?
By default, the moment of task creation. If you need to set a start time, you can use the "first" parameter.

How to create a task on defined absolute date?
In this case, the timeSlice should be 0minute and you need to set "first" parameter to the absolute date in ISO 8601 format. Read more about first parameter.