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REST API v1.0 - Parameter: tag_*

REST API is the kernel of all our libraries. If you are using a library, you don't need to add url queries like this examples, values are enough.

tag_* parameters are important when you want to control tasks using API. tags will let you identify all your tasks or make categories for them.


  1. You can add multiple tags for each task at the time of creation. Example: &tag_user=john&tag_id=9999&tag_type=planRenew
  2. Each task is identified by tags. If you don't add tags for a task when you created it, you can not Pause, Resume or Cancel them in the future using API.
  3. Tags can be shared between tasks. For example you can tag all tasks related to a user with his username: &tag_username=john, so in the future if user canceled his account, you can cancel all related tasks using [api]/v1/tasks/cancel?tag_username=john
  4. All tags are starting with tag_
  5. As usual, values must be url encoded.




  1. tag_username=john in url: [api]/v1/tasks/pause?tag_username=john
  3. tag_taskId=90000000009
  4. tag_type=planRenew&tag_taskId=90000000009 in url: [api]/v1/tasks/resume?tag_type=planRenew&tag_taskId=90000000009
  5. tag_importance=high

You can see more working examples in API function wikis.